How to ensure the right mask type for your CPAP Therapy

So you think, want, or are afraid you need a full face mask for your CPAP therapy? The mask choice is the number one important make or break decision in starting CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy. The pressurized and humidified air needs to reach your airway to hold it open. This air stops the […]

Solutions for Dry Mouth from CPAP

Dry Mouth is also known as xerostomia, (zeer-o-STOE-me-uh) which refers to a condition inwhich the salivary glands in your mouth don’t make enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of reasons, including side effects from medications, PAPuse, etc. Other symptoms include: Cracked lips Bad breath Sticky saliva […]

Navigating the truth about ClimateLine Heated tubing on a CPAP Unit

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If you have ever wondered what the heck is heated tubing and is the Vendor trying to just upsell me something useless……. then this blog is for you!!! Many people who have used CPAP for most of their life know that 25-30 years ago you were lucky to even buy a CPAP that had a […]

Cleaning/Sanitizing your CPAP

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Let’s face it, with the current situation we are living through of COVID-19, we have become a lot more vigilant with our overall cleaning routines when it comes to our hands, homes, and items we bring into our homes. Your CPAP equipment is no different and there are options to help you clean and sanitize […]

Travelling with CPAP

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Planning a trip with family? Friends? For work? Whatever your reason for travelling, don’t forget to pack that CPAP machine! No matter where you are travelling to or how you are getting there, if you plan to sleep, you should always have your therapy with you! What do I do if I am travelling by […]

The Fisher Paykel Evora Nasal Mask

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Description The Fisher Paykel Evora Nasal Mask is the newest installment into the family of nasal PAP interfaces. Today I will breakdown my experience with the Evora mask. Let’s get started. This newest mask interface by Fisher Paykel sports many features, such as Lightweight feel Simple design Several means of adjustability Soft nasal cushion options and […]

OSC Case Study

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Subject Respironics Dreamwisp PAP mask small bridge accessory inquiry for appropriate therapeutic use. Client Scenario A new patient came to us with a new prescription for PAP therapy with a diagnosis of mild sleep apnea, with an AHI of 12. The recommended prescription listed a specified setting of 5 to 10cmH20, Aflex, no automatic settings […]

CPAP THERAPY – With Masks, is Bigger Always Better?

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Hello so they have told you that you need a CPAP unit, and now they are asking if you want a full-face mask? Honestly, you need to be very careful with your vendor selection as many vendors will steer you to hyperinflated invoices and types of mask to make a greater profit. Here at OSC […]