Let’s face it, with the current situation we are living through of COVID-19, we have become a lot more vigilant with our overall cleaning routines when it comes to our hands, homes, and items we bring into our homes. Your CPAP equipment is no different and there are options to help you clean and sanitize the items you use to sleep with every night.

Your current cleaning Routine

As you know, you CPAP equipment requires regular cleaning in order to function properly and deliver optimal therapy to you.

On a daily basis, you should be wiping down the cushion of your mask with a mask wipe to remove any excess facial oils/sweat/makeup, anything that is sitting on the surface of your skin. This is vital to do daily to ensure a good seal with your mask at night! That clean surface allows the mask to sit properly on your skin and prevent leaks when the pressure is on.

You should also be emptying out your water chamber every morning and leaving it out to air-dry for the day. This will help to prevent contaminated water from being breathed in at night and prevents mold or mildew from developing in your chamber.

On a weekly basis it is important to remove your water chamber, CPAP tubing, and your mask from your machine. Fill up your clean sink or tub with hot soapy water (use a mild dish soap or a gentle baby shampoo). Take all of those items you just removed from your machine (disassemble your mask if you can) and let them soak in that soapy water for 15-30 minutes. Once they have soaked, remove each item, and give it a good rinse with clean water, and hang to air dry for the day.

If you are noticing a white build-up in your humidifier chamber, this is indicative of mineral deposits. Please DO NOT scrape at this with a sharp object, that will damage your water chamber! To get rid of this scale build up, grab some white vinegar from your cupboard, mix two parts water with one-part white vinegar and let that mixture sit in the water chamber for 30 minutes. The vinegar will help to dissolve that build up as it soaks. Once the 30 minutes is over, empty out you water and vinegar, rinse out the chamber and wipe the inside with a soft cloth, that build up should easily be removed. I would recommend then washing your chamber with your mild dish soap and water, or else when you use your therapy that night, you will be breathing in that delightful vinegar perfume!

Please DO NOT ever place any of your CPAP items in the dishwasher! They are not designed to be cleaned that way, and can be damaged if washed in there, and no, your 90 warranty will not cover dishwasher damage!

Want to give your CPAP items an even deeper clean to get rid of those yucky things that we cannot see? I have just the thing for you:

The Lumin

The Lumin cleaning system is an excellent way to ensure your CPAP equipment is clean and sanitized. The Lumin devices uses UV light to sanitize your equipment safely and effectively in a quick 5-minute cycle.

Using your Lumin could not be any simpler! Simply disassemble your CPAP equipment (if there is a lid on your water chamber (i.e., for the AirSense 10) please remove the lid so you have two pieces, also disassemble your mask) and place the items in the easy to open tray. You may not be able to fit everything in at once, but that’s ok, the machine works quickly! Now press the On/Off button, and you will see the “In Cycle” indicator light up. During the 5-minute cycle, the UV light works to target the microorganisms present on your equipment and destroys their DNA, leaving them unable to function. Bye-bye nasty bugs! Once your 5 minutes cycle is over, you can immediately open the tray and remove your now beautifully sanitized items. The Lumin leaves zero odor on your equipment, so if you are someone who is extremely sensitive to scents this is a perfect machine for you!

You should use the Lumin to sanitize your equipment twice per week to ensure everything is safe and ready to use!

It is very important to remember that using the Lumin is a great option to ADD into your normal cleaning routine. You still need to continue the daily and weekly cleaning routines to ensure all your CPAP equipment is properly cleaned.

Another amazing benefit to the Lumin is that you can place pretty much ANYTHING in it to be sanitized! Your cell phone can be a breeding ground for those nasty bugs – pop it into the tray and let the cycle work its magic! The same goes for your TV remote controls! Have a little one at home? Pop those pacifiers or teething toys into the tray and worry no more!

Want more information about cleaning your CPAP equipment, or more information about the Lumin specifically? Give us a call and we will be happy to help guide you to the best solution!

Jenna Adams RRT
Clinical CPAP Consultant
Ontario Sleep Care
#112-920 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
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