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March 20, 2020.

Ontario Sleep Care takes its responsibility for

the health and safety of our patients, staff and

the local communities we are a part of

extremely seriously, and we are actively participating in the social 

distancing that needs to be in place to win the battle against COVID19.

We remain in full daily operations, and have moved our patient services online, or by phone, to eliminate all foot traffic and thus risk of infection transmission from our offices.

Our CPAP therapists are committed to the continuity of providing care online and helping our patients deal with the impact of these events. This includes continuing to provide CPAP equipment to those who wish to start on therapy, or who need assistance with their continuing treatment. We are also taking additional steps to ensure that all of our equipment receives a high level of medical grade disinfection.

Our commitment also includes making sure all our patients are not left without supplies. We welcome you to contact your local Ontario Sleep Care Clinic to speak with our Clinicians about treatment, as well as ordering your critical Masks and supplies which can be delivered without any risk of person to person contact. 

We are committed to providing exceptional patient care during this challenging time and we sincerely thank you for your support.

We are proud to take every measure possible to ensure our patients can access our professional sleep services in the safest way possible

From our family to yours we wish all of you the very best in health and safety.


The Staff at Ontario Sleep Care

Scott Reynolds
Director of Operations
Ontario Sleep Care
#106-611 Holly Ave
Milton, Ontario L9T 0K4

Inspired by a team of Healthcare Professionals, Ontario Sleep Care strives to provide a complete and positive experience for our clients.  We offer comprehensive care and follow-up to optimize your experience with treatment, and ease your transition into your prescribed therapy.  We specialize in both adult and pediatric sleep disorders and have professional staff available to service you at your convenience. With many years of experience working in Sleep Medicine, our team will help you make the transition into therapy as easy as possible. Please  contact us for further information.

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