The Fisher Paykel Evora Nasal Mask is the newest installment into the family of nasal PAP interfaces. Today I will breakdown my experience with the Evora mask.

Let’s get started.

This newest mask interface by Fisher Paykel sports many features, such as

Upon wearing this mask for the first time out of the package, I experienced:

Benefits of application


When seated and using this mask without a PAP device attached, I could achieve comfort and ease into working with this mask.

The soft nasal cushion is supple and gentle when pressed against a sensitive nostril region. 

The cushion is easy to press into the nostrils without an immediate sense of blockagebut conforms to the nostril area with no additional pressure. 

After using the sizing tool, the opening in which it would deliver PAP pressure is generous enough to allow a flow of air, but small enough to seal. 

CPAP Experience with the Evora when awake

When PAP air pressure is added to the mask wearing experience, the air pressure initially fills the cushion and nostrils, as expected. The force of air into the nose eases with the synchronization of simple, unlabored breathing. 

Such an experience improves with practice as one’s breathing pattern adjusts to new therapy. 

For the experienced PAP user, it may not affect breathing pace and effort when changing to an interface like the Evora.

Sleeping with the mask

The Fisher-Paykel Evora presented minor issues during sleep. Each experience is briefly described below:

My overall initial experience with the Evora was excellent for regular use with PAP generated OSA therapy. 


Washing with a mild soap and warm water is recommended with the Fisher Paykel Evora mask. Rinsing with warm water is also recommended. Air drying is best, and any use of a washer or dryer is unnecessary.

Cleaning Specifics

The silicone-based cushion cleans easily and does not discolor after washing with warm water and mild soap, like Liquid Dawn, etc. The cushion dries within a few hours after washing. After which, the sensation of the silicone before and after washing is consistently delicate and comfortable. 

The fabric covered plastic frame stays cozy against the skin and sides of the face. The same fabric takes the better part of a day to dry. The Velcro strap stays stretchable and supportive for the back of the head. The strap also takes hours to dry after washing.

The hard plastic atop the mask does not press into the scalp (very important because I have no hair) with repeated use. The hard plastic dries quickly with a dry towel.

Overall, this mask does not produce a smell or odor after cleaning, unless the soap features a scent.

Recommendation and mask rating

Personally and professionally, I rate the Fisher Paykel Evora mask a 9 out of 10 based on:

The one detail to this mask to watch out for is its longevity, which I could not adequately test over a span of weeks and months. 

My educated guess is that the mask will hold up for its recommended life span of six months and will need to be replaced, per Fisher Paykel…

Therapeutic benefits

The Fisher Paykel Evora mask offers consistency in the delivery of pressurized room air from a PAP device and does not surprise the user with dramatic highs and lows of pressure unless there is a significant leak from the PAP circuit or by PAP malfunction. 

The sleeping experience with the Evora produced steady results when observing the recorded AHI from night to night. My AHI remained near plus or minus two and did not cause any increase or decrease in usage duration. 

My sleep quality remained the same, with slightly better sleep quality on night one and two because of the newness of the mask experience.

Most PAP equipment changes can result in an initial improvement in sleep but plateau after a short time, which is to be expected. 

My experience with the Fisher Paykel Evora might ease a potential user’s concern of the transition period from one mask to another.

There is most likely more to describe after using the Fisher Paykel Evora over weeks and months. However, the aim of this review was to articulate the initial impressions of a three-to-four-night initial use of the Fisher Paykel Evora mask.


If a nasal PAP mask is your style of choice, you should give this interface a serious try and experience just how effective the Fisher Paykel Evora really is. A great night’s sleep awaits!

Written by
Bill Bistak, B Sc.
Clinical Specialist
Ontario Sleep Care