Videos from The CPAP Gentleman



Andrew is part of our team and he is a Registered Respiratory Therapist working with several locations including Thornhill, Eglinton, and Brampton. Andrew has worked in the field of respiratory home care for close to a decade and has experience with a wide range of devices including oxygen, PAP, and nitric oxide delivery systems. In addition to this, he has created a YouTube series of videos under the pseudonym “The CPAP Gentleman” in an effort to educate patients diagnosed with sleep apnea about their condition in a fun and informative way.

Check out his channel here: The CPAP Gentleman

What is Sleep Apnea?

All you need to know about sleep apnea!

Living with Untreated Sleep Apnea

How is it living a life with untreated sleep apnea!

The History of CPAP Therapy

A brief history of CPAP Therapy!