Hello so they have told you that you need a CPAP unit, and now they are asking if you want a full-face mask? Honestly, you need to be very careful with your vendor selection as many vendors will steer you to hyperinflated invoices and types of mask to make a greater profit. Here at OSC we want to give you the answer that suite your medical needs and your budget. There are really only three types of mask.

  1. Nasal Mask (triangular shape over the nose mask)
  2. Direct Nasal Mask such as pillows or under the nose mask.
  3. Full face mask

The only reason you should consider a full-face mask is if you have been assessed with questions or by an ENT specialist to determine if you have nasal blockage issues.

Remember with OSA everyone breathes through their mouth at night to obtain some additional oxygen when the airway closes. However, are all born to be obligate nose breathers as we feed from a bottle or breast. So, if you do not say ‘yes’ to a deviated septum (crooked passageway in the nose), sinus allergies, chronic sinusitis, severe postnasaldrip, a broken nose in the past, or a blocked nare for some reason, THEN Hallelujah!You are fine to use the lighter weight, less costly nasal masks!

If during your trial the data on the machine continues to show excessive air escaping the mask, then it may be the pressure you need is so high and your mouth cannot stay closed,and you may then truly be a candidate for a full-face mask. Leave it up to the experts to help you find the best mask to give you the best sleep.

So, make sure you reach out to a company with expert clinicians with the expertise to help you determine your mask needs. Never be simply told you must use a full-face mask especially if you find it too uncomfortable and stop therapy all together because of it.

Great news is full face masks now come in half sizes so they can go under your nose and not break down your skin on the top of your nose.  Good luck and I hope to hear from your soon to understand how you too can be successful with your CPAP Therapy and have the energy to do all you want.

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